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Bike camp Peru/Bolívia
riding the oldest trails in the world

get to know the old Inkas structures from the seat of your bike with Filip Polc

Place: Peru/Bolivia Training Camp
Trvanie: 12 dní
Type: Freeride/ Downhill/ Cross country
Location Cusco, Perú – La Paz, Bolivia.

the price for whole camp depends of the number of interested:
6 people……………………...1490 Eur
8 people………………………1400 Eur
10 people……………………..1330 Eur

This price is per one person and it isn‘t including the flight to Cuzco and the way
home from LaPaz. This trip does‘t include the travel instance too..
Trip is including: hotels 3* or 4*, meals, transfer from airport, shutle car with driver,
drinks, snacks, entry fees for all side trips with the guid , bus ticket from Cuzco to La
Paz and lots of fun every day!

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Throughout recent years, South America has had a growing scene for Mountain Biking. We have been in a non stop progressing discovery of the potential of trails and conditions that this continent has to offer, nevertheless, it is Peru and Bolivia, two countries standing out the most in terms of epic riding, favorable climate conditions and challenging terrain

The trails that surround these two territories are so unique in every aspect (dirt, grip, terrain, views, history, altitude, variety, etc) that throughout the past years pro racers have been coming to ride these trails from all over the world defining these lands as the ultimate off season training spot. Peru and Bolivia have a ancient history in each one of its trails, that put you in to consider that this is probably the worlds oldest bike park in the world, however it was created even a good 1400 years before bikes were found. The trails we ride are considered to be the links between one ancient culture to another making every bit of this trip as a sacred training camp experience..

Conditions around the Andes Mountain Range are favorable for riding the whole year around yet the variety of trails is so immense that often these terrains push riders to the limit of their ability to adapt to fully new types of riding from one minute to the other. High altitude changes push you to get in to a close-to Olympic shape condition, and the views and sceneries that these trails include make the training experience a surreal two weeks that will improve your riding to the highest limit.

Program výletu

Day 1 – Arrival to Cusco, transfer to Urubamba.

At your arrival to the imperial city of the Incas, our guide will wait for you at the airport along with the needed private transportation for luggage. Then we will take you to the Sacred Valley of the Incas alongside a one hour drive to the small village of Urubamba, where we will show the group the hotel accommodation and a brief explanation of the following activities for the rest of the tour.

The rest of the afternoon can be taken to build the bikes and do the needed preparations for the start of the activities.

Day 2: Maras, Moray (návšteva zrúcaniny)

After breakfast at the hotel, we take on the first day of riding the trails along the sacred valley of the Incas. we start off descending the Maras ride which gets its name from the town that we cross through while riding it, great track to get the bikes dialed as well as getting used to the Andean soil grip and to warm up for the following rides of the tour

the town of Maras is known for its ancient heritage and its mystique environment, being one of the only towns surrounding the sacred valley that has maintained its Colonial-Post- Inca architecture and environment. We have lunch in the beautiful surroundings of the sacred valley at the end of the ride.After lunch we take off to visit the Moray Inca Ruins which are some of the most amazing pre Hispanic agricultural sanctuaries you will ever see, and afterwards we do the amazing Moray Trail. On all natural and technical yet super fun and flowy trail down and back to the Sacred Valley where transportation will be waiting for you and will take you to the hotel. After resting a bit, we take off for dinner.This day is designed to be excellent acclimatization for you and to dial the bike properly for the following punishment.

Day 3: Raqchi. Chincheros (visit of ruin)

After and early breakfast, we head up a 30 minute drive to visit the Chincheros Inca Palace Ruins before tackling the amazing Chincheros classic trail that descends towards the sacred valley. This trail is particularly interesting for two reasons: One, it starts off by riding through the Chincheros Inca Palace, and secondly, in the Inca empire age, this trail was one of the most important Inca trails to enter the Sacred Valley of the Incas. It has been maintained as one of the most beautiful and demanding trails made by hands .

Through out the most amazing views and passages, we descend in to the village of Huayocari where the transportation will be waiting for us. We load everything up to the car and head for lunch.

After lunch, we tackle the Raqchi Mountain in front of the majestic Andes mountain range to ride its most fun trail that crosses throughout ancient terraces and Inca trails,ending in the small and beautiful town of Huayllabamba another greatly demanding, yet super fun trail to ride. These are two long runs more a less 45 minutes non stop Downhill rides dropping 1000 meters in each run.We hop in the transportation and back to the hotel, get ready for dinner and sleep tight for the next runs.

Day 4: Lares – Calca race track

Day Four awaits you with an unforgettable ride, we tackle the historic yet amazingly fun trail of Lares, this trail has been tagged as the “best trail in Peru” by Downhill World Champion and Downhill mountain bike Icon Steve Peat after his visit to Peru back in 2006. A super fun and flowy trail (made by the Incas) that starts off at an altitude of 4600 meters above sea level and ends up in the town of Calca at 2850 meters above sea level. One ride you will hardly forget.
We have lunch at the small town of Calca, and in the afternoon we tackle the Calca Race course trail, this trail has been a Downhill Racing Icon in the past few years. Home to the Calca Cup, we intend to do this trail twice so that you get a good idea of how the Andean Downhill race courses have been designed and how it feels to push it to racing limit at such great altitude.After a GREAT day of riding, hotel, rest and dinner, will be much needed. We hop in the transportation and get back to our rest place.

Day 5: Malaga ( ruins Ollantaytambo)

Deň 5 bude pre Day 5 is a day to remember in our riding experience and a good way to end up our epic riding journey in Peru, we take on the most historic Downhill trail in the Sacred Valley. After an early breakfast we take off from the hotel at 9:00 AM to drive to the legendary Malaga Trail. This trail in particular has been the course for the world renowned MEGAVALANCHE race for the last 6 years, a demanding trail that starts off from an altitude of 4700 meters above sea level, and ends up in a good and thick aired 2 600 meters above sea level. A great 28 kilometer ride with an altitude drop of 2100 meters. After having some good water and loading up the bikes to the transportation, we head out to for lunch in the mystic town of Ollantaytambo, after this we visit the Ollantaytambo Ruins. The town of Ollantaytambo is known to be one of the only towns in the Sacred Valley to have maintained its Inca structures almost intact, making this town look almost like it was a good 1500 years ago. The ruins above the towns were a military fortress which some believe were built in honor to the greatest Inca military commander: Inca Ollantay. After walking around the fortress and the market in the town, we head back to our hotel. The rest of the afternoon can be taken to pack bikes in its proper bags to take off to the second stage of our trip (Bolivia) and get everything ready for the day after where you will take a historic journey to Machu Picchu.

Day 6: Machupicchu

This day and activity needs no presentation. Machupicchu is a “Must do” when you visit Peru, the amazing lost city of the Incas is one of the most beautiful ruin sites in South America. This tour includes the service of visiting this amazing site. The train takes off from the town of Ollantaytambo at 6:30 AM and will take you to the village of Aguas Calientes, from where you will take a 20 minute bus ride to the ruins. An outstanding and once in a lifetime experience to visit such historical sites even when taking a biking tour. Does it get any better than that? The Train back to Ollantaytambo takes off from Aguas Calientes at 5:00 PM. Lunch, dinner transportation, tickets and a full day guide who will explain everything to you about this epic journey are all included.

Day 7: free trip to Cusco , trip to La Paz Bolivia

We check out from the hotel at 10:30 AM and head out of the Sacred Valley towards the city of Cusco. We have lunch in the in the middle of the historic city. After lunch we take off to catch the “Tranvía Del Cusco” an old train structure that has been modified as a tour bus that takes you throughout all the corners and stretches of the imperial city of the Incas on a 45 minute city tour. The rest of the afternoon can be taken to walk around the capital city of the Incas wander its tight Inca streets and as a suggestion, have a look at some of the museums, churches and all the amazing things that this city has to offer.
We meet at the Cusco main Square at 7: 00 PM to have a quick fast food dinner before heading out for our bus ride to La Paz, Bolivia. The bus leaves at 10:00 pm. An 11 hours night ride across the epic Altiplano (high plateau) that divides the occidental and oriental Andes mountain range.

Day 8: arrival to La Paz , check in hotel, bike building

At dawn on the 8th day we cross through the well known Lake Titicaca (the world’s highest navigating lake in the world) where we do our boarder papers and finally arriving to the amazing 1.5 million habitant city built on a cliff of La Paz, Bolivia.
We have a Bolivian Fast Food lunch at the Copacabana Restaurant. And then we head to the hotel to do the following check in and then we can spend the afternoon to get the bikes together and rest up a bit for at the break of next day we continue to a second level on this fantastic riding adventure.

Day 9: Ñuñumañani (New-new Miami) & Ayma Trails.

Alright, its time to tackle Bolivian soil! Day nine of our tour is an amazing experience riding through ancient trails. We take off from our Hotel at 8 :30 AM to drive 1 hour to reach the top of the Collana Mountain, from where the Ñuñumañani trail starts , a trail that has a little bit of everything, from flowy switchbacks to rocky sections, you name it ! Amazing trail that starts at an elevation of 4 330 meters above sea level and ends up in the valley of Carreras at 2 900 meters above sea level. The view of the Andes mountain range is so close in this ride that you feel you can almost reach out and touch the 6 000 meter high snow covered mountains.
We have Lunch at the restaurant in the warm south zone of the city. After finishing eating, we drive another 45 minutes away from the city to find the Ayma trail. This trail is one of the most peculiar of the Tour. It starts in an Inca Burial site, it is a unique trail in any way you look at it. The dirt, the views, and the type of riding you will experience have no comparison to any where else you have ridden in the world. Amazing natural canyons and weird looking cacti forests make this track an amazing training experience.

Day 10: Sorata ( Loma Loma trail)

Day ten and eleven are the main course dish of our tour. We take you to the amazing town of Sorata. The Mecca of Downhill / Freeride of Bolivia. One word to describe these trails is SPECTACULAR! On day 10 we take off early from out hotel at around 8:00 AM to hop on the transportation for a two and a half our drive to the Pass of Sorata at altitude of 4 500 meters above sea level and ride the amazing Loma-Loma trail, as it name explains “loma” means ridge hill in Spanish, we hop on the most amazingly beautiful ridge ride next to the majestic Illampu Mountain (6 368 mts). The views of this trail are so amazing it’s a breathtaking ride all the way down to the town Colonial town of Sorata at an altitude of 2 700 meters above sea level. We have lunch in the main square of the friendly and warm town, and after setting up all the gear and luggage in the beautiful eco resort hotel Altai Oasis we head out for one more ride before the day ends. A beautiful trail located in the town of Laripata 20 minutes away from Sorata, we take on its beautiful switchback trail through the Andean forests back in to the town of Sorata. We have a surreal dinner in the middle of the subtropical Andean valleys.

Day 11 : Sorata (Chuchu trail), La Paz

We wake up for one more day of amazing training, we get ready and leave the hotel for a two hour drive to the top of the Chuchu Pass at 4 800 meters above sea level to start our way down an amazing ride. This is why we have been training at such high level throughout the past days, to tackle the most amazing trail of the tour. The epic Chuchu trail is home to event “J’acha Avalancha” (which from its words in Aymara native language means “the great avalanche”) bike race for the last 5 years. An amazing trail 35 kilometers long with an altitude drop of 2 000 meters! From a majestic pass down to 500 meter long scree slopes and amazing switchbacks through the Andean forests to an altitude of 2 700 meters! By far one of the most amazing trails you will ever ride, this is indeed Big Mountain freeriding at its best. A good hour and a half ride down the back side of the Andes mountain range on a bike is something out of this world! A Super fun and challenging trail to end the tour with the cherry on top of the cake!
We have lunch after making our way down of the trail. Pack everything up and head back to La Paz in a three hour drive. The night can be taken to have a visit of the Bolivian night life and to rest off after two weeks of the most intense and epic training session.

Day 12: La Paz free

Day 12 can be taken to walk around the City of La Paz, check out the amazing mixture between modern day city and colonial architecture around one of the highest 1.5 million inhabitant’s towns in the world, as well have a last glimpse of one of the most interesting city’s in South America with its Witch Market and the San Fransisco Church. The tour ends and you have probably experienced one of the most complete training two weeks of your life. This experience is something you will never forget and you will be guaranteed to tackle any obstacles in the trail with much ease after spending the last two weeks of your life training at an average altitude of 3000 meters above sea level. Flights out can be scheduled for the afternoon or morning of this day.